Outfit// About Pink


There’s a thing about the colour pink. In my case it has something to do with childhood memories. Pink reminds me of dresses, I wore when I was that seven year old little girl that wore nothing but pink. But is pink necessarily a symbol of feminity? Or is it just a colour that is being imposed to every girl from birth on?
In my opinion, it is a colour that has too often been associated with girls. As a child, I decided by myself to wear pink because it just seemed natural to me. (You know, little girls and their favorite colours…)
I am a fervent supporter of individuality and that exactly explains my thoughts on the issue whether little girls should automatically be associated with the colour pink. My decision about this colour was in no way influenced by my parents and as long as I was happy wearing pink, they were too.

This colour is making a huge comeback in the fashion industry and I must admit I am more than happy about it!
Let’s rock pink this summer!

Blouse by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada // Zara skirt


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