Article// SOCKS

SOCKS To properly embrace the beginning of spring (because we’re still far from summer in Paris), let’s have a quick look at a phenomenon that was very present during fashion week in March: wearing socks or tights in summer sandals. It is a common fact. Sandals officially can’t be worn in winter. But how is one supposed to deal with that sticky situation we all experience in the coldest winter when suddenly the beautiful summer ads appear every where? Seeing beautifully tanned legs with gorgeous sandals at their end is even more depressing. It is winter and of course your legs are not tanned and of course you can not wear sandals! However, during Paris Fashion Week in March some ladies’ feet caught my eye. Not because they were beautifully tanned but because they wore tights in their sandals. I had personally always worried about the fact that peep-toe sandals with tights make your toes quite visible, and in a non-aesthetic way. However, what looked weird at first suddenly turned into something interesting. That phenomenon I had already noticed before, suddenly seemed fashionable ( quite a fashion week thing) to me. I picked out these two beautiful ladies I took pictures of , who are wearing the sandals-tight thing. What a great alternative to wear the sandals one bought in February when they were just part of the new collection!


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