About Chanel in Black and White


Waiting at the exit of each Chanel show, is a show on its own. Each and every one who comes there dresses specially, wears his or her Chanel bag(s), hoping to be photographed or (even better) let inside to watch the show. While it is already quite exciting to watch the guests enter the Grand Palais, the best part of it is when they all exit, mixed with the models. These still wear the make-up from the show, which is how the hardly recognisable Kendall Jenner passed past me without me recognising her…
I have however been able to capture the beautiful Soo Joo Park and the absolutely gorgeous Elisabeth Faber, whose face I had never seen before! And of course the gorgeous Veronika Heilbrunner wasn’t missing either!

I leave you with these black and white pictures, which are perfect, to create an authentic and forever ongoing picture of the exit of the Chanel haute Couture 2015 show.

Outside Chanel-page-002Outside Chanel-page-003Outside Chanel-page-004


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